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Hi My name is Nicholas

I live in sanleandro,california.
I was born in New orleans.
I am in 10th grade.

I like to:

  • The arcadepod webpage
  • The myspace webpage
  • The yahoo webpage
  • The espn webpage
  • The aim webpage
  • The miniclips webpage
  • The launch webpage
  • The google webpage
  • The eastbay webpage
  • The newgrounds webpage

      Top ten football teams

    1. raiders
    2. seahawks
    3. bills
    4. bengals
    5. 49'rs
    6. stelers
    7. eagles
    8. falocns
    9. colts
    10. giants

    I was born in New orleans My most interestin class is computers with Mr.stiner I go to school at Sanleandro high school My favorite places to visit arehawaii,The NY and last but not leastjamaica

    links to my friends: Marcel Julie Gonzalo Amanda

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